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What's an IFSC Code?

It's an 11 character code assigned to a bank branch to send/receive fund transfer via RTGS/NEFT/IMPS. Not all the bank branches have their own, while most of them have, some of them use other banks/branches codes; this is particularly true for some cooperative banks.

Indian Financial System Code

Examples of IFSC Code: SBIN0000001, JAKA0CHERRY, HDFC0001234. The first four characters of a code representing the bank are always alphabets, the fifth is zero, and the last six represent branch code (it could be four or five for some banks) can be numbers or alphabets. The total length is eleven.

IFSC Code examples
IFSC CodeBankBranch
SBIN0000001State Bank of IndiaKolkata Main
JAKA0CHERRYJammu and Kashmir BankFruit Complex Jammu
HDFC0001234HDFC BankPark Street
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Role of IFSC Code in fund transfer

There are two entities involved in a fund transfer: the remitter and the beneficiary apart from intermediaries (banks, financial institutions, e.g., RBI). The remitter sends money, and the beneficiary receives it. The payment systems available in India are RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), and UPI (Unified Payment Interface). To do fund transfer, one can use many banking channels, some of them are branch banking, internet banking, mobile apps. Whichever payment system or banking channel you choose, you must provide beneficiary details. The details vary with the payment method you opt to choose.

For NEFT/RTGS/IMPS amount, beneficiary name and bank account number, IFSC Code, and address (If you're doing it via a branch, you need to mention the address on the remittance form). Some banks may require additional info such as nickname, account type (savings, current, or others) if you're adding beneficiary. The exact details required depends on the bank and the channel. If a customer is using UPI, the UPI ID linked to his bank branch encapsulates details like name, bank account number, and IFSC Code.

How do I know the IFSC code?

An IFSC Code is associated with a bank branch. If you have the passbook, checkbook, or statement of your bank account, then you can find it written on them. If your checkbook/passbook is old, it may not be mentioned on it. If you don't have any of them or it's not written, you can go to your bank branch and ask a bank teller. You can search for it on the bank website or call/e-mail the bank. You can also search for it on this website if you have the bank and the branch name. If you know the IFSC Code and want to confirm the bank branch details, you also do it here.

All your bank accounts with the same branch use its IFSC Code. If you have them in different branches of a bank, you have to use the corresponding IFSC where you hold a particular account. If you transfer your bank account to another one, use the code of the new branch (you must also inform it to all the parties who send you remittance via NEFT/RTGS).

My bank/branch is merged into another branch/bank, will the IFSC Code change?

If your bank branch merges, then it may change. You can go to your bank branch to know about it. If a bank branch only shifts to a new location, then the code remains the same.

Let's talk about the merger of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank with Bank of Baroda. The branches of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank are now branches of Bank of Baroda. Their IFSC Code formats are BARB0DBXXXX and BARB0VJXXXX, respectively. This approach, followed by Bank of Baroda, is very thoughtful and useful for the customers because some customers still refer to the bank by its old name, and it becomes easy to distinguish the branches which may have the same name or slight difference in them.

Branches after merger
IFSC CodeBranchAddressErstwhile BankBank
BARB0DBKURUKurukshetraScf 31 Sector13 Kurukshetra Haryana 136118Dena BankBank of Baroda
BARB0VJKURUKurukshetraShop No. 668-669, Railway Road, Kurukshetra, 136118 Vijaya BankBank of Baroda
BARB0KURUKSKurukshetra branchScf No. 43 & 44, Sector 13, Urban Estate, Kurukshetra 136118 Bank of BarodaBank of Baroda
As you can see, different branches of the same bank have the same names or slight difference after the merger.

Please note that not all the banks into which other banks are merged will follow this approach of changing them. How the Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, and Union Bank of India will change the codes of the bank branches which are merged in them? We will see once it's done.

GST Payment IFSC Code

To make GST payments use "RBIS0GSTPMT" (RBI NEFT RTGS GST Collection branch of Reserve Bank of India).

Credit card payment IFSC Code

Some credit card companies allow you to make payment of your credit card bill via NEFT/RTGS. To make payment of an SBI credit card you can use "SBIN00CARDS". HDFC credit card holders can use "HDFC0000128".

IFSC CodeBankBranch
HDFC0000128HDFC BankChennai Credit Card Operations

Is it an IFSC or IFS Code or IFSC code?

The full form of IFSC is the "Indian Financial System Code." So it's IFSC or IFS Code and not IFSC Code. If it's IFS code, then you might be thinking why we are using it on this website. The reason is most users search for it on the internet.

How to get the IFSC Code from the bank account number?

For some banks, you can also get it from the bank name and account number. Please don't do it because this doesn't work for all the banks, and there is no fixed rule to do it. It will not work for accounts that are transferred from one bank branch to another and may not work for all types of bank accounts. It's just for your information, don't use it.

For Canara Bank accounts, get the first four digits of the account number and append the prefix "CNRB000" to it. For example, if the Canara Bank account number starts with 3000, then it may be CNRB0003000 (This might not be correct).