Most probably you know what an IFSC Code is, it's an 11 character code required for interbank fund transfer via RTGS/NEFT/IMPS in India. I know it's an IFS Code but most of the users search for IFSC Code on the internet.

The following is a list of IFSC of different branches of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. You might be thinking about how a code can be interesting? The 6 character suffixes contain common English words (some of them are in Hinglish). The codes sound good as compared to the ones which consist of bank code (first four characters of an IFSC) followed by digits only. You have the right to disagree with me if you want to. I have tried to coin a phrase or ask a question out of the suffix.

No.IFSC CodePhrase or question
1JAKA0DESIREWhat's your desire?
2JAKA0EMPIREHow big is your empire?
3JAKA0CHEENIDo you like sweets?
4JAKA0DESERTHave you taken a camel ride?
5JAKA0HITECHDo you enjoy gadgets?
6JAKA0CANADAA beautiful country
7JAKA0APPLETDo you program?
8JAKA0MARKETDo you shop every day?
9JAKA0SPRINGIs this your favorite season?
10JAKA0COLONYWhere do you live?
11JAKA0JEHLUMDo you like rivers?
12JAKA0BHALLAAll-time favorite snack in India
13JAKA0CHINTALeave your worries behind
14JAKA0BRIDGELet's cross it
15JAKA0POLICEDo you need help?
16JAKA0CHERRYDo you like fruits?
17JAKA0MAKHANMmm butter
18JAKA0MISHRICan be your sweetheart nickname
19JAKA0SAINIKI feel safe
20JAKA0COUPLELet's be together always
21JAKA0LUXURYI need some
22JAKA0SIMPLEKeep it super simple
23JAKA0CHAWALIs there anyone who doesn't eat rice?
24JAKA0BACHANBollywood superstar
25JAKA0FORESTLet's get there
26JAKA0BORDERWhere are we heading?
27JAKA0SAKHIIYour best friend
28JAKA0GOLDENI love Gold
29JAKA0LADHOOSomething good just happened
30JAKA0DECENTObviously, I'm
31JAKA0TUNNELWhere we have been?
32JAKA0GOOLABWho doesn't like roses?
33JAKA0PONGALLet's celebrate
34JAKA0CHOOSEChoice is difficult
35JAKA0SQUAREI love Mathematics
36JAKA0MASTERLet's learn from them
37JAKA0FRUITSWho doesn't like them?
38JAKA0DOCTORAre you feeling well?
39JAKA0MAHRAJWhere are they taking us?
40JAKA0MOVINGLet's keep doing it forever
41JAKA0CANDLEEliminate the darkness
42JAKA0PROMPTAre you patient?
43JAKA0UNITEDLet's be together
44JAKA0SHAKTIWhat's the source of your power?
45JAKA0FAVOURLet's do it by myself
46JAKA0TEMPLELet's pray
47JAKA0GURUJIDo you need guidance?
48JAKA0MANGALIs everything alright or another planet comes to your mind?
49JAKA0CIRCUSGetting bored?
50JAKA0CIRCLEGet out of the loop
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Yes, there are other branches also apart from these 50. I have written the article just for fun. Perhaps you want to complete your fund transfer by searching for an IFSC Code or get the bank branch details if you have one.